Adult Dance Classes

Adult Dance Classes in Ballet
Our Beginner class introduces the elements of posture, placement and alignment.  Students will be introduced to barre exercises, centre and travel work.   Our Intermediate/Advanced classes move at a faster pace with more complex enchantments both at the barre and center.

Adult Dance Classes in Jazz
A dynamic dance style.  Class includes warm up, isolations, travel and combinations.  All with the latest music styles.  This class is designed to develop, strength, flexibility, style, co-ordination, and fitness.

Adult Dance Classes in Tap 
In Tap you get to make a lot of noise and dance!  We focus on teaching the fundamentals in our Beginner classes, working on single sound rhythms and introducing double and triple sounds.  Then we  move into the Intermediate level continuing to build skills with compound steps and then on to more complicated rhythms and steps in the Advance class.

Adult Classes in Contemporary/Lyrical  Influenced by ballet, jazz and modern styles, Contemporary dance allows freedom of  movement and expression.  Soft, light, dynamic, bold, are just some of the unpredictable adjectives used.

Adult Classes in Hip Hop
This is the dance style of the time.  We offer classes at the beginner and intermediate/advanced levels.  Hip Hop is the dance of the time. Whether it’s Popping, Locking, B-boying/girling, Boogaloo or Social you will get a great workout moving to the latest music.

 Adult Dance Classes