The JLSD Leadership Program has four levels ranging from ages 9-17:
  • Dance Bud (ages 9-10)
  • Class Helper (ages 11-12)
  • Class Assistant (ages 13-16)
  • Apprentice Teacher (ages 17+)

This program is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to:

Develop key skills

The key skills that participants will develop are: critical thinking, communication, problem solving, interpersonal relations, and strengthening the JLSD values (citizenship, leadership, teamwork, accountability).

Build confidence

Participants will build confidence by: assisting with student arrival and dismissal, being a dance buddy, and helping with special projects (i.e., bake sale, hot chocolate day, etc.).

Learn strategies and solutions

Participants will learn how to problem solve, and will learn how to observe and listen.

Gain experience

Through their experience, participants will have the opportunity to build positive relationships within the JLSD community, build confidence in becoming a leader, and will have the opportunity to train to lead JLSD summer camps.

As a role model, dancers in the Leadership Program will be expected to hold the highest standards in all Leader/student interactions, as well as in how they represent the school both inside and out of the classroom. Although there are no financial obligations, the commitment and support of parents or guardians contributes immensely to the success of dancers in this program.
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