Dance Classes & Registration

Dance Classes

We are gearing up for Season 37! 2021-22

JLSD staff and students had a wonderful season of dance.  Enjoying filming at home, drive-by photo shoot and a Watch Party!

The team at JLSD will be focusing on professional development during June and July.  Updating curriculum, school policies and procedures.   Attending (virtual) dance conferences to further their knowledge, not only of the steps, but the why, the how and the cognitive  and emotional development of the dance student.

Ontario is scheduled for in-person learning in Step 3 and the team at JLSD are looking forward to that day.  Until then, we will break from teaching online programs.    Please read our Terms and Conditions 2021-2022.

Registration is now OPEN!  

Dance Classes for all Ages!

Full Season 2021-22
Short Term Programs 2021-22
Dance Cards

5-Class Dance Cards are now available for the classes listed below!!!

  • Students must be the correct age.
  • Must use between November 16/21 & January 15/22
  • Intermediate and Senior Level students must have a minimum of 5 years of training.
  • The 5-Class Dance Card may only be used for one program/class at a time.
  • The 5-Class Dance Card cannot be transferred to another student.
  • The 5- Class Dance Card is not refundable.
  • Should you not attend 5 classes, there is no credit or availability to use the card for another class/program.

The following classes are available to purchase a $99.99/5-Class Dance Card:

Tuesdays: November 16/21 to Tuesday January 11/22 $99.99/5-Class Dance Card

  • Junior 1 Ballet 5:45-6:30 age 7-9
  • Mini Tap/Jazz Combo 6:30-7:15 age 5-7
  • Junior 1 Tap 7:15-8:00 age 7-9
  • Junior 2 Tap 7:15-8:00 age 9-11
  • Junior 1/2 Musical Theatre 8:00-8:45 age 7-12

Saturdays: November 20/21 to Saturday January 15/22 $99.99/5-Class Dance Card

  • Intermediate 1/2 Tap 10:15-11:00 age 11-17 (experience required)
  • Intermediate 1/2 Jazz 11:15-12:00 age 11-17 (experience required)
  • Senior Hip Hop 12:30-1:15 age 14-17 (experience required)
Dance Attire

Dress Code Requirements

The June Lawrence School of Dance Inc. maintains a dress code to encourage concentration and a sense of inclusiveness (variations in attire can be distracting and contribute to feelings of inequality). Uniformity in dancewear allows the teachers to assess how well the students are implementing the technique being taught, problems with alignment, and other important aspects of dance training.

  • Dancewear, shoes, and other belongings to be carried in a dance bag that is clearly marked with dancer’s name. All belongings to be labeled.
  • Dancewear is to be kept in good repair and laundered on a regular basis.
  • A dance belt must be worn from age 10 and older if needed.
  • Black bras must be worn when needed.
  • Tights act as undergarments; therefore, additional undergarments are not needed.
  • Watches, jewelry, and safety pins should not be worn to class. (Student’s will be asked to remove them.) Small, pierced earrings are acceptable.
  • Nail polish and temporary body tattoos are not to be worn to class.
  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside, and students should cover up accordingly when traveling to and from the studio. (Covid excluded)
  • Students with long hair should wear their hair tightly secured and styled away from the face in a neat bun. (Exception: Creative A & Creative Three and Hip Hop)
  • Students are expected to observe good personal hygiene habits. Deodorant is required for students aged 10 and older.
  • All classes have the same basic uniform and can be purchased at the Studio. (Hip Hop is the exception, see below).
  • Acceptable JLSD Dance Uniform
  • JLSD Leotard and tights or JLSD T-shirt and JLSD Shorts.
  • Optional pieces:
  • JLSD purple or black dance skirt
  • JLSD purple wrap sweater

All uniform items are a specific to JLSD and can purchased through the

 JLSD Dance Store (in person & online)

  • Dance Attire for Adults in Ballet, Jazz & Tap:
    Adults may wear black jazz pants/capris with yoga style top
  • Dance Attire for Hip Hop:
    Comfortable Street clothes (no jeans)
  • Shoes:
  • Ballet: classic pink (if choosing JLSD leotard & tights)
  • Ballet: black (if choosing JLSD T-shirt & JLSD shorts)
  • Jazz & Musical Theatre: black leather slip on
  • Tap: black patent (Creative & Mini Level); black leather lace up (Junior Level & up)
  • Lyrical/Contemporary: bare feet, foot thong or half sling shoe
  • Hip Hop: indoor running shoes

 Dancewear may be purchased from the parent portal via our Online store