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What do my fees cover?2018-06-07T14:57:07-04:00

Lessons, recital costume, tights, access to the recital video, recital t-shirt and Memory Book are bundling together for “Full Season” classes.

(There are some exceptions and they are noted in the class description.)

What is your cancellation policy?2021-06-13T10:54:12-04:00

All deposits, registration fees, full payments and monthly payments are not refundable or transferable for any Season, including Short Term Programs.

The last day to cancel for a “Full Season” Program is December 15th and notification in writing must be given to the Director by that date.

Should you cancel after December 15th your account will be charged a $150.00 cancellation fee.    If you then choose to continue, this fee will be credited back to your account in May and put toward your auto-payments for May & June if your account is current and up to date.

Can I register late?2021-06-13T10:55:54-04:00

Yes you can!

Fees for late registrations for Full Season will be pro-rated monthly.  Full Season registrations are accepted throughout the season and are dependent upon costume availability.  Full Season registrations after January 1st, will have an additional charge of $150.00 for the recital costume, tights, recital video, recital t-shirt and memory book (recital package).

Late registrations for Short Term 10 Week programs will have $10.00 per “missed” class deducted.  (Example:  you started in week 4, the fee will be reduced by $30.00 for the 3 “missed” classes.)

For 5 Week programs there will be no fee reduction for late starts.

Are there additional costs?2021-06-13T10:59:38-04:00


  • We have Dress Code Requirement for every class. Dancewear may be purchased at the JLSD Studio Store.
  •  Tickets for the recital (sold through the Living Arts Centre box office) for any live performance
  • A performance fee for recital in the event that it is virtual
  • Recital photos (optional)

How do I pay?2021-06-13T11:02:09-04:00


All students must enrol in Auto-Pay before they can complete their registration.  Students in Full Season programs will have their monthly payment processed automatically on the 1st of each month.  All other programs are payable in full at time of registration.

Sign up for Auto-Pay is completed through your online account.  You can update, change, or add an additional credit card through the Parent Portal.

Is there a registration fee? Why? What does it cover?2021-06-13T11:04:26-04:00

Yes we have a registration fee of $25.00 per Full Season class, $12.00 for Short Term 10 Week class and $6.00 for Short Term 5 Week class.

This fee holds a student’s spot along with covering the cost of paperwork processing and computer time required to set up your student in the attendance and tuition-billing system. It also covers your dancer’s insurance, music license  fees and studio communication costs — all separate expenses from class tuition.  Students also receive admittance to a variety of studio events for free and a discounted price for Princess Days.

How do I register?2021-06-13T11:05:30-04:00

Visit www.junelawrenceschoolofdance.com and click the Parent Portal.Create your online account; sign up for Auto-Pay first then add your classes to your cart, check out and you are done!  Remember to add the birth date for your dancers as they system will populate classes according to age.

Give us a call 905-820-7492 if you need help or have questions.

Are you involved with the community?2021-06-13T11:06:51-04:00

Yes we are!   Pre-Covid, all our students have the opportunity to march and dance in the annual Mississauga Santa Claus parade and perform at the Powerade Centre in Mississauga!

We also put on a Winter Showcase and take our recital “On The Road”, in December and May/June respectively.

We hold an annual Fall bake sale and a Spring barbeque.  Our older students have the opportunity to volunteer and our families donate the bake goods.  Proceeds from the bake sale and barbeque go to a local organizations  exp: (Alzheimer Society of Peel, Peel Childrens’ Aid Foundation).

Can we watch the class each week?2017-02-01T17:19:06-05:00

Students go into class independently of parents.  We arrange for parent viewing throughout the year.

Do you have a year-end recital?2021-06-13T11:08:45-04:00

Yes, we do in May, at the Living Arts Centre  (LAC) Mississauga and students in our full season programs & third session Creative A’s perform.

In the event that matters outside our control prevent us from using the LAC, we will transition to a virtual platform for our year end show.

Tickets for either in-person or virtual show are an additional expense.

How will your programs run in the current climate?2021-06-13T11:11:40-04:00

The health and safety of our students, staff and community is important to us.  We will continue to offer programs for kids and adults, both Full Season and Short Term, following the guidelines and directives from the Ontario Government.

As our community opens up, we will keep you updated on any and all restrictions and protocols that we must put in place.

We are hopeful that the class size limitations will be lifted by September.

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