Young dancer holding a large ball

Tiny Movers

Explore the world of movement, play and music with your toddler! In this 10-week program, we will clap, jump, twirl, and count to lively and engaging music.

One adult accompanies the child to class and participates fully.

Age: 18 months – 3 years

Close up of dancer in a purple leotard and tutu during a ballet performance on stage

Little Movers

This 10-week program provides the young dancer with an introduction to dance based on creative movement and ballet. Often a child’s first class without a parent, Little Movers provides the opportunity for the development of self-awareness and self-confidence. This class focuses on developing both gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, rhythm, and coordination.

Age: 2.5-3.5

A dancer performing a hip hop routine

Little Hip Hop

Move to the beat! At this age, children are more aware of others and ready to absorb the basic elements of movement based on hip hop. This 10-week program will help children develop musicality, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Age: 3-4

Two dancers performing an Acro routing

Little AcroDance

This 10-week program is great for kids who have a lot of energy! The teacher will guide the dancers through an obstacle course, helping them tumble, build strength, coordination, listening and social skills. It’s a great way to play, have fun, and teach your child multiple skills!

Age: 3-4

Four dancers holding teddy bears on stage during a ballet routine

Little Dancers

This full season program is designed just for your three year old! At this magical age, children are more aware of others and ready to absorb the basic elements of movement based on ballet. We continue to focus on developing gross motor skills with gallops forward and sideways and fine motor skills with the concept of port de bras.

Age: 3-3.5

Five dancers performing a ballet routine on stage in blue tutus

Little Dancers +

This full season program is a combination of ballet and tap technique. In the first part of the lesson, ballet basics will continue to be introduced, and the second part of the lesson will focus on introducing tap basics.

This program continues to introduce the basic elements of movement, while focusing on developing spatial awareness, fine motor skills, rhythm, and coordination.

Age: 4-4.5


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