We offer a variety of dance styles for our students to take classes in! Hover over each picture to learn more about the dance style and how old you must be to take it.


The Littles is a collection of programs for children ages 1.5 to 4.5 years old. Split into multiple levels, this series develops body and spatial awareness, social skills, as well as gross and fine motor skills through movement and music.


Ballet provides a foundation and strength for dance training. From the barre to centre work, adage and petite allegro, turns and grande allegro you will be guided, encouraged and challenged. You will build skill, confidence, performance style and artistry in your study of Ballet.

Ages: 5+


The history of jazz is long and brings many styles into its circle. From African American roots, Vaudeville, Broadway, what ever the “dance of the day” was, it influenced jazz. Today, jazz is recognized by its jumps, turns, kicks and isolations. It pulls in the grace of Ballet and the cutting edge of hip hop.

Ages: 5+


The complexity of the rhythms and the intricacy of the steps makes this style of dance exciting. Working both the body and the brain, Tap dancing tells a story with sound.

Ages: 5+


Building skill from basic to advanced, this program will challenge you both physically and mentally. From Popping, Locking, B-boying/girling, Boogaloo or Social you will embrace and love this style.

Ages: 3+


Influenced by ballet, jazz and modern styles, Contemporary dance allows freedom of  movement and expression.  Soft, light, dynamic, bold, are just some of the unpredictable adjectives used.

Ages: 7+


Our studio’s AcroDance program will take dancers through the 12 levels of the safe and extensive Acrobatic Arts curriculum.

Designed to give students the proper building blocks to become strong, confident AcroDancers, this curriculum is a step-by-step guide that takes dancers through safe and effective progressions to build the proper strength and technique needed to move through the 12 levels and onto more advanced skills.

Ages: 3-17


Combines theatre and dance to express and entertain audiences.

Ages: 7-17