You’re invited!

Students and caregiver(s) are invited to join us from 6-8:30PM on one of the following days to get ready for Season 39: August 29, August 30, August 31, September 5, September 6, or September 7!

If this is your first year with us, we strongly encourage you to come!

Dancers will be given an orientation passport that asks you to complete the following:

  • Purchase your JLSD studio uniform and dance shoes
  • Meet your teacher for the season
  • Have your student ID photo taken
  • Provide your t-shirt size
  • Get your measurements taken for your year-end costume

You will also be able to win prizes at the event! Here’s how:

  • If you complete the entire orientation passport, you will receive a frisbee
  • If you spend $50 or more, you will receive a tote bag

Note: The first two weeks of classes will be extremely busy and we may not be able to accommodate buying dancewear before your student’s dance class – so please come during these days to make those purchases.