For any business owner, running their company, keeping it profitable, and building their brand is more than a full time job. When you add in hundreds of dance students, parents, teachers, classes, and recitals, it can seem like an impossible task. Valuable and truly useful resources for business owners are an important but rare find.

This is why June Lawrence School of Dance has joined the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association (I.D.E.A.). This membership association is designed exclusively for dance studio and school owners and provides every possible resource these business owners could need.

“It was just the right move at the right time,” explains June Lawrence. “This new partnership with I.D.E.A. allows me the extra time I need to help make my dance studio a part of the community, increase enrollment, and produce an even better product for all involved.”

This new endeavor is much more than just paying dues. By becoming a member of I.D.E.A., June Lawrence School of Dance joins an elite group of dance studios throughout the country and even beyond. I.D.E.A. members are committed to and supported in a consistent pursuit of skills and knowledge. Within the community, they focus on developing healthy and cooperative relationships with business colleagues, employees, students, and families. The result is a local business with strong business acumen, and values, focused on profitability and efficiency.

“The possibilities and benefits for my studio are endless,” says June Lawrence. The name, June Lawrence School of Dance, means more to this community than just another business. It is a place where young minds, hearts, and bodies can come, learn skills, and develop talents that will change their lives. We help them become not just better dancers, but better people. I am certain that being an I.D.E.A. member will allow this mission to continue and bring the benefits to many.